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Reproductive efficiency is a key to the profitability and sustainability of every dairy farm in today’s global dairy production market.


Bovine health, performance, and mortality rates are all key elements to sustainable dairy profitability and balance sheet integrity.

Calf Rearing

A Bovine animal has the best chance of future success if cared for properly right from birth.

Feed and Feeding

Maximum milk production cannot be achieved without proper rations comprised of the highest quality feed.

Milk Production

BVS is a specialist in maximizing milk production per pound/kilo of dry matter intake. Milk to dry matter intake ratios are the key element in the financial success in any dairy operation globally and BVS maximizes that efficiency.

Staff Training

BVS understands staff monitoring and performance evaluation are fundamental elements in quality personnel management.

Data analysis

Data Acquisition and Analysis,we understand that the successful operation of a modern dairy requires timely access to and analysis of on-farm data.


BVS provide stable and continuous high level management from the most qualified managers and veterinarians.

Our Researchs

Research is a fundamental part of our business.

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BVS is a company that supplies the highest quality management services. We source the most qualified experts in their field with extensive knowledge of advanced technologies and services, and with the highest level of accessibility. Therefore we are always looking for experienced herd managers who have the ability to fulfill the following requirements: work on a large scale dairy farm stay for a prolonged period of time be part of the BVS team

What We Do

BVS offers large, progressive dairy farmers, investors and corporate entities assistance to bring their dairy operations to a new level of productivity and profitability. We measure all internal aspects of the dairy operation that affect profitability and create a plan to take it to the next level. We help you make the plan work by offering highly skilled experts and the most advanced technologies and services, coupled with performance monitoring. We guide you through every step of the plan. Together we achieve a complete new level of performance for your dairy farm.

Why Choose Us

The mission for progressive dairy farmers is to profitably produce high quality milk on a consistent basis with quality integrity. The goal is simple, but achieving it requires the cows and the people that are capable of contributing to your goal. The Milk production industry is rapidly becoming a global industry with a competitive spirit driven by low cost and high production per cow per day. BVS is a specialist in maximizing milk production per pound/kilo of dry matter intake. Milk to dry matter intake ratios are the key elements in the financial success in any dairy operational globally.BVS maximizes that efficiency.






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