EYIMU Science and Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. developed as the opportunity on the China Agricultural major structural reform. To practice the Professor Ren Jizhou’s Agro-grassland theory, developing the Information System of Agro-grassland Think-Tank (ISATT) based on the cloud computing,big data, Internet of things and artificial intelligence technology. To deliver scientific research, developing and promotion, consultation and services,combine the advantages of resources, It will provide the technology support for the development of Agro-grassland system practice, facilitating structural transformation of Chinese agriculture from the traditional grain-based agriculture to the Agro-grassland system, to assist agricultural structure transformation in China.

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Management Team

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Jeffery Ma
Founder & CEO

Ph.D. Major on agro-grassland economic management in Lanzhou University, expert in system planning and design.

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May Zhang
Co-Founder & COO

Graduated from George Brown College (GBC) EMBA, Canada, 12 years of experience, with extensive business operations and management experience.

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Wang Yi
Co-Founder & CMO

Senior marketing expert, 18 years of experience, be able to think and solve problems from the perspective of customers.

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Dong Fei
Partner & CTO

Graduated from Shandong Agricultural University. Expert in the analysis modeling and system research and development with profound technical knowledge and practical experience.

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Dong Jun
Partner & CFO

Senior management accountant; She once served as CFO of Yankai Electric Co., Ltd. Rich experience in financial management.

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