Core Business

To help the farms increase value and sustainable profitability through Data(YIMUCloud)+ Dynamic solutions (BVS) + Solution supporting products(USelect).

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Data+ YIMUCloud Smart Brain for the farm

YIMUCloud based on the cloud computing, to integrate, analyze data and to predict the production, to help the farms unexploring the problems in production, combine with the data-based dynamic solution and implant the solution into the daily work through the YIMUCloud subsystems. To help the farms increase value and sustainable profitability

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Dynamic solutions+ BVS Consultant

BVS is YOUR BOVINE VALUE SOLUTION. Our international and domestic consultants design the the dynamic solution based on the data analysis and the farm situation, to assist and supervise the implementation of the farm, to create and delivering the value and to help the farm to continuously increase the value and sustainable profitability.

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Solution support products USelect

USelect will help the farms to purchase the right products based on data and dynamic solutions from the professional consultants, to select suitable and cost-effective high quality products for farms, to assist the farm to achieve scientific procurement, support the implementation of dynamic solutions, and ensure to achieves the desired goals.

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System Advantages

We are delivering a safe, professional, easy-to-use, efficient, flexible and open farm management and support system for the farms, helping the farm to improve operational efficiency, value and sustainable profitability.



Use financial-grade multi-protection system, second-level defense against cyber attacks, DDoS protection, anti-brute force cracking, exclusive attack protection and collaborative defense solutions to ensure farmland data security.



Build the YIMUCloud With the international and domestic professional experts, continuously optimize it based on the scientific research, to help the farms increase value and sustainable profitability.

Easy to use


The system design is user-centric, pays more attention to the user experience, and develops an easy-to-understand, easy-to-learn and easy-to-operate farm production management and service support system.



The system adopts the latest cloud computing, which enables all computers, mobile phones and other terminals to synchronized the data in real time. The powerful YIMUCloud computing engine makes the system run and use more efficiently.



Farms are different. Under the premise of ensuring professionalism, we can personalize the production according to the actual situation and management of different farms.



YIMUCloud is open and compatible. It provides a standardized interface to connect with the software and hardware around the farms.

Strategic Cooperation and Customers


Domestic customer distribution and strategic partners, Our customers: Farms, Suppliers, Research institutes and Government.

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Application Scenario


We are delivering excellent systems, services and products to our customers: Farms, Suppliers, Research institutes and Government.

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Big Data Platform


For government and group farms, etc.

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DBI Data Analysis and Decision Making System

To assist the managers making right decisions.

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On-site consulting services

Our professional consultants provide onsite services in the farms.

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Employee Training Service

Combined consulting services to provide customized training services for the farms.

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Daily work navigation

Help the workers improve daily work efficiency and execution.

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DAPI Milking Interface

To integrate the data by connecting international and domestic milking parlor systems.

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Cow Behavior Monitoring

Efficient and accurate monitoring cow behavior through the DHeat System.

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Precision feeding

DFeed Precision Feed Management System helping the farms improve feeding accurately

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Environmental Control

Improve the cow comfort by connecting with environment control system.